Diary Entry 3 | A Sociable Spirit

Diary Entry 3 | A Sociable Spirit

One of the reasons we love mezcal is due to its sociable qualities. Since ancient times mezcal has brought communities together and is often thought of as an agent of strengthening social ties in Mexico.

In our previous entries we briefly touched on what mezcal is and we can’t wait to tell you more about how it’s made. But of course to enjoy it you don’t need to know all the ins and outs of mezcal production. We appreciate mezcal as a spirit with a rich cultural heritage, one that has been at the heart of Mexican culture for centuries. 

Historically, mezcal was consumed to heal bodies and souls during rituals or festivals by shamans. However, sometimes mezcals were conceived solely for even more special celebrations, such as the “pechuga” –concocted to honour births, marriages, or the dead.

Today, we consider any occasion suitable for drinking mezcal, as it makes that moment more special.

“para todo mal mezcal, para todo bien también.” 

The properties of the agave are believed to: enhance your mood, improve  your creativity, and awaken your senses (when consumed in moderation)–which makes it the perfect spirit to enjoy socially. 

“El mezcal no te emborracha, te pone mágico”

Mezcal Xamán embodies all of these traditions. Enjoy MX in a social setting, and magic may spark!

Just like that, in the true sociable spirit of mezcal, Mezcal Xamán was a result of a spark between a group of friends who shared a drink of mezcal atop the colourful roofs of Oaxaca.