Enjoy some of our favourite cocktails while listening to some delicious music!


1 oz of Mezcal Xamán
1 oz of Orange Liquor
1 oz of Lime juice
1 oz of Rasberry Syrup
1 oz of Sparkling Water

Finish: add a rasberry


Xamán Vibes

Whether at the pool, on the road or at home with friends, boogie with us with this fun playlist!
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Mezcal Margarita

1.5 oz or 45ml of Mezcal Xamán
1 oz or 30ml of orange liquor
1/2 oz or 15ml of freshly squeezed lemon juice
1 splash of agave syrup

Finish: rim the glass with salt


Ojas @ Xamanic Nights ⚡️ Dia De Los Muertos | Oaxaca, 🇲🇽 | Oct 2021 💀 🎶 🪐

Feel the energy of this immersive sound journey through the streets of Oaxaca during Día de los Muertos
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1 pt Mezcal Xamán Espadín
1 pt White Cocoa Liquor
1 pt Yellow Chartreuse
1 pt Fresh Lemon Juice

Finish: smoke the glass with copal, pour over cubed ice, garnish with a lemon peel


Lodo @ Xamanic Nights | Oaxaca, MX | Feb 2021

Xamanic vibes evolving into energetic percussions and electronic beats as the party progresses into the night during the first edition of Xamanic Nights in Oaxaca, MX.
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1 oz or 30ml of Mezcal Xamán Citrus
1 oz or 30ml of Campari
1 oz or 30ml of sweet vermouth

Finish: orange peel


Nacho Isa @ Xamanic Nights x Dia De Los Muertos | Oaxaca, MX | Oct 2021

A taste of pure Mexican Techno for refined listeners, to pair with a drink of character.
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