welcome to xamán diaries

welcome to xamán diaries

Dear Friends and mezcal lovers!

United by the passion for the ancestral elixir, Xamán and Mezcal Diaries are embarking on a journey together to capture the magic that mezcal sparks. Together, we’ll be exploring mezcal and its vibrant culture and traditions, fantastic cuisine, vivid art, joyful music, and of course the people and communities behind it all. Join us on this journey of discovery and marvel through mezcal experiences as we share our stories in Xamán Diaries. The spirit is provided by Mezcal Xamán and the tales are told by Mezcal Diaries.

The journey begins…

Mezcal Diaries shares the passion for mezcal throughout personal experiences and helping the mezcal community tell their stories.
Xamán is the ultimate social mezcal brand, offering a unique personal & lifestyle experience at home and everywhere.