Box of Mezcal 6x Bottles 70cl

Box of Mezcal 6x Bottles 70cl


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did you know?

– Mezcal Xamán’s agaves are hand picked only once they have reached full maturity

– The agaves are 100% organic, no pesticides or fertilizers, grown by our maestro mezcalero.

– The piñas are cooked in ground stone ovens for at least five days and the stones used are collected from the nearby river

– A 100% natural fermentation

el maestro mezcalero

Don Cuberto  Santiago

Third generation mescalero

more than a spirit, a journey

A spirit designed around creating unique curated experiences. Twice a year Mezcal Xamàn hosts a full weekend in our two homes: Mexico and Europe.

mezcal rosa

1 oz of Mezcal Xamán
1 oz of Orange Liquor
1 oz of Lime juice
1 oz of Rasberry Syrup
1 oz of Sparkling Water
Finish: add a rasberry